[Local Event] The 1st ICCN Cultural Exhibition

The 1st ICCN Cultural Exhibition was successfully held from May 6th to 7th.

The contents were wine tasting event, finger foods, and photo exhibition. Since we, ICCN, have many members from Europe, we have chosen the content “wine”. We have imported wines from Slovakia (Slovak Embassy in Korea have supported), Italy (Sicily area), and France.

participants list for the photo exhibition:

  1. Algemesi, Spain

​2. Beit Sahour, Palestine

​3. Bratislava, Slovakia

​4. Folkland International, Kerala, India

​5. Gangneung, Republic of Korea

​6. Gannat, France

​7. Ifugao, Philippines

​8. Integrated Music Company Limitied, Accra, Ghana

​9. Jeongseon, Republic of Korea

​10. Kashan, Iran

​11. Mohacs, Hungary

​12. Pusol School Museum, Spain

​13. Shiraz, Iran

Having cooperated by ICCN members, the even went more then success and also it has been featured in the local paper and news broadcast. The event has surely been a great one that we had a good chance in promoting ICCN and what we do to safeguard Intangible cultural heritage, and also in mingling with local citizens in sharing cultures through a wine tasting event and photo exhibition from 13 different cities and associations.