[India: Kerala] Kilukkampetti ( Children’s camp)

 Kilukkampetti ( Children’s camp)

When, local time : Apr 16 2016 12:00 AM to Apr 20 2016 12:00 AM
Where : Kerala, India
Kilukkampetti means the rattling box in Malayalam language that denotes the tinkling noise of the children.  This is the fourth consecutive year of conducting the children’s summer camp under the joint auspices of Folkland, International center for folklore and Culture in association with Navoday Reading room and Library in picturesque island ,Edayilakkad near Trikkaripur in Kasargod district of south India. The five day camp was inaugurated by Mr.  P.I. Shankaranrayanan, an eminent writer of children’s literature. Around 150 school children had participated in this year’s camp.