ICCN, to participate the International forum for the UNESCO-Accredited NGOs of ICH(Oct.13-14)


ICCN to participate the International forum for the INESCO-Accredited NGOs of ICH(Oct.13-14)

ICCN Secretariat was invited to the International Forum for the UNESCO-Accredited NGOs of the Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) held by Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation, from Oct.13 to 14 at the Korean House, in Seoul.

This forum became the first place where UNESCO-Accredited NGOs in Asia gathered and discussed on the requested role as advisory NGOs for further cooperation in the field of safeguarding ICH. It was composed of 3 sessions under the theme of “The Importance of the UNESCO-Accredited NGOs o fICH, and Their role and Cooperation Measures to construct Network;

Session 1. The UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage and the Role of NGOs
Session 2. Introduction of Asain UNESCO-Accredited NGOs’ Activities for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Session 3. NGOs’ Prospectes and Cooperation Neasures for the Safeguarding of Intagible Cultural Heritages.

Dr. Heekyung Choi, Secretary-General of the ICCN, delivered her presentation of “Positive Impact: Local government and NGOs Partnerships” based on discussions of the recent workshop, at the session 2. She introduced ICCN’s activities, objectives in the ICH field and 2012 ICCN World Intangible Culture Festival, as a creative realization of 2003 UNESCO Convention.

There are about 30 participants from 9 UNESCO-Accredited NGOs of China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam and Korea, 1 participant from UNESCO Bangkok Office and several cultural heritage experts and scholars in Korea.

The forum benefits to all participants in sharing each other’s experience and perspectives and it gave a chance to develop further cooperation among Asian accredited NGOs in this ICH field.