ICCN Exchange Program

ICCN Exchange program
ICCN Exchange program 2014 started with new participants from 4 countries in June.
Ms. Nhung Le of Vietnamese Women’s Museum, will take part of organizing, especially in registration, the ICCN GA/ Women’s Forum and Festival in Esfahan,
Mr. Abdellahi Ahmed Mahmoud of DACC, Mauritania will be part of the case studies on the best local cases and media promotion of ICCN (ICCN newsletter),
Ms. Dima Msallam of CCHP, Palestine will also be part of the case studies on the best local cases and promotion of 2nd ICCN Festival,
Mr. Lino Matalang of Cultural Center of the Philippines will take part of developing ICCN joint program and promoting the 2nd ICCN Festival.

They will also have a chance to experience Korean culture including Korean language classes and share their experiences in this field with the secretariat. This exchange program was initiated in 2012 and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. This year, the Ministry increased the number of participants allowed in the program after it evaluated the program and analyzed how successful it was.