Call for Candidates, the Secretariat’s new exchanging training program


_ICCN Exchanging training program _

The ICCN Secretariat launches new project, which is an exchanging training. The Secretariat invites people (experts) from each member city and organization of the ICCN to do dispatched-service at the Secretariat, Gangneung. Participants will join mainly operating 2012 ICCN Festival in Gangneung and 3rd ICCN General Assembly. Additionally, they will get a chance to experience “Gangneung Danoje” festival and Gangneung Coffee festival, which are the representative festival in Korea, as well as operational mechanism of festivals in Gangneung.

This project will be a best opportunity for both the secretariat and members, to share each other’s knowhow in the field of running cultural festival and international conference. This project aims to empower both the ICCN Secretariat and members’ capability.

This ICCN’s new project is operated with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Korea and Korean Culture and Information Service. It is a part of the Cultural Partnership Initiative, so called CPI, which is for preparing a foundation of mutual development through cultural interchange between Korea and , South America, Africa, and East Europe. The ICCN Secretariat was chosen for the program as a one of host organizations along with other several Korean cultural institutes.

For those who are interested in this program, the Secretariat is now waiting for you!

□ Application Information □

  1. DURATION: 6 months (June 1st ~ November 30th, 2012)
  2. LOCATION: ICCN Secretariat,
    Organizing Committee of the 2012 ICCN Festival, Gangneung
  3. FIELD: Culture, Art, Tourism, and Media

(1) Specialist in the field of Culture, Art, Tourism, and Media (Artist, Public servant, Researcher, Journalist, etc.)

  • Candidate has to be between 25 to 45 years of age and from Asia, Africa or East Europe.
    (2) Competent language capacity is required for training (English).
    (3) Holding position in related training sector within native country with an active interest for cultural exchange with Korea
  • Former CPI Participants cannot apply.

Financial support for Round-trip airfare, Living expenses, Training expenses (including Korean language training), and Medical insurance will be provided.

(1) Airfare: Round-trip direct flight airfare (economy class) from airport nearest to the participant’s place of residence to Incheon International Airport in Korea.
(2) Provision of place of residence: a studio or a dormitory room
(3) Living Expense: Living Expenses to cover food, transportation, communication, taxes and public utilities
(4) Training Expense: Expenses for Korean language and professional training
(5) Medical Insurance
(6) Costs for cultural experience


Interested candidates must submit 1) a cover letter, 2) CPI application form & proposal form, and 3) a letter of recommendation from your city or organization.
Please send your documents via E-mail,
Only those identified for an assignment will be contacted to discuss their application and availability. Candidates are selected by a panel.


This announcement is open and continuous until April 15, 2012, although selections may be made in advance of that date. Incomplete applications or those submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


Sumi Nam
Program Officer
ICCN Secretariat
Tel: +82 33 640 5475/5476
Fax: +82 33 640 4720